Build your in-house PR muscle.

Benchpress is your in-house agency partner. As a core service of Punch, Benchpress exists to help you build a stronger internal team. We guide your leadership, work one-on-one with your staff and give you the tools to build more effective PR and communications capabilities within your organization. We consult, we coach, we strengthen your in-house talent.

We do the heavy lifting. You get stronger PR muscle.



High-performing communications teams don’t happen by accident. They’re built by design and they’re supported by seasoned experts who have relatable experiences.

We specialize in establishing and scaling teams (or, entire departments) through coaching and mentoring sessions with the talent you already have. Or, sometimes, by installing a whole new operating system from scratch.



A distinct set of underlying conditions must exist for a business to fully optimize its PR and communications potential.

If a successful organization is focused on executing a business strategy, then it must also oversee a sub-structure that directs that strategy. Finally, and most importantly, it must use an internal system that can quickly and easily manage the daily communications operations. Benchpress delivers an operational structure that puts your talent to work, efficiently and proficiently.


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